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The travel agency that introduced luxury leisure travel to the United States more than 130 years ago is still among the most innovative travel firms in the world. Today, Brownell announced a new concept in travel – Sojourns by Brownell.  Sojourns are 3-month experiences that allow travelers the opportunity to “live, work, play” in some of the world’s most culturally rich and exciting destinations.

Brownell’s first Sojourn will unfold in South America with one month each in Argentina, Uruguay and Chile beginning in February 2018. Sojourners will live in private luxury apartments and have dedicated office space equipped with all of the necessities and creature comforts to live and work remotely. The group will be hosted by one of the most exceptional young travel advisors, and the lead product developer, Amanda Foshee.

Foshee was inspired to develop Sojourns after living and working remotely in France with her husband. She sought to address the challenges they faced: access to reliable high-speed internet and secure work spaces, affordable yet upscale and centrally-located private housing, and a community of peers.

“There are a few start-ups that offer housing and work space for digital nomads, but it’s more akin to a hostel experience.  Bathrooms and kitchen facilities are often shared and would be categorized as 2 or 3-star,” said Foshee.  “Our market is explorers who want the same creature comforts they have at home – well-appointed, private accommodations. They also want to be among a community of other travelers that they can relate to and share experiences with.”

Brownell is not the first to offer long-term travelers structured programs, but they are the most experienced and the only firm catering to upscale travelers. Their 130 years of designing leisure travel gives them a significant edge with safety, expertise, contacts and access to insider experiences. 

Brownell President and CEO Troy Haas had this to say: “Sojourns have appeal to a fantastic cross-section of travelers.  Primary among them are professionals who were inspired by their time studying abroad and telecommuters from the technology, research, and finance industries.  Sojourns is also targeting young couples and empty nesters who are wrapping up their careers or in consulting positions. “