Montevideo, Uruguay


Often overshadowed by its neighboring countries, Uruguay can hold its own with culture, cuisine, and climate. The country’s capital Montevideo offers incredible local flavors, from chivito steak sandwiches to delicious wines. And when you’re not enjoying the food, stroll along the charming streets, relax on the nearby beaches, or take in the Art Deco architecture. 



You will be able to fully immerse yourself in a real Montevideo experience at your aparthotel (think: studio apartment with hotel services) in the Punta Carretas neighborhood. The hotel is surrounded by an energetic community that is full of shopping, dining, and leisure activities. Your rooms will include their own kitchenette, private bathroom, and LCD TV. You can also take advantage of the pool, massage room, and fitness center as you become acquainted with life in Montevideo.



The coworking space is near the Rambla, Old Town, and Rodó Park. Enjoy the natural lighting of your workspace; take a trip out to the terrace and see the sites or fire up the barbeque. Downstairs you will find a playroom and kitchen with catering and planned events. There is plenty to do around the space after a hard day of work.



Your tours while staying in Montevideo will immerse you into the city. From a wine tasting in the southern region of “Cuchilla Pereyra”  to a tour of Montevideo's local markets to a visit  to a working ranch in the countryside that includes an authentic home cooked meal, you will get well acquainted with the culture and heritage of Uruguay.